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Sharing knowledge and supporting development in Lusophone societies

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CBIOS, the Research Center for Biosciences & Health Technologies was created in 2011 as a R&D structure of COFAC / Universidade Lusófona to create and promote knowledge in the health sciences. As part of our vision, CBIOS develops Integrated Health Strategies aimed to support the progress of Lusophone societies.

Being an university-based unit, CBIOS is highly committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. It is also privileged to operate within a broad-minded, multidisciplinary environment essential to foster innovation, promote advanced learning, and attract dynamic young researchers from different backgrounds and cultures.

CBIOS includes 23 integrated members, 19 PhD students, 16 collaborators, and a wide collaborative network.

CBIOS is an official partner of the New European Bauhaus


To develop integrated health strategies to foster societal development in Lusophone communities.


To promote health and wellbeing in Lusophone societies through evidence-based research, development of health products and solutions, and through the empowerment of researchers, academics, and health professionals.


CBIOS pursues different strategies to achieve its mission:

  • by hosting a significant number of international students and providing a special support to those from these countries in advanced programs at all levels (graduation, Master, PhD, and post-doc);
  • by sharing research on goods from Lusophone countries (mainly Portugal and South America) with potential interest for the development of health products;
  • or investigating local health conditionants in order to implement new approaches and strategies (Portugal, Africa, South America);
  • by intertwining R&D with all levels of higher education, since the majority of CBIOS members teach in the University while conducting research in their areas of expertise;
  • by sharing its findings with society and transferring knowledge into the industry;
  • by promoting international high-level international education mobility of its students and global collaborators.

SDG´s Impact

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15 a 16 de março 2024

IV Jornadas Lusófonas de Nutrição

As Jornadas Lusófonas da Nutrição são um evento recorrente de cariz académico que pretende analisar diversas temáticas emergentes na área das ciências da nutrição, assinalando a importância do nutricionista nas suas mais distintas áreas de atuação, com especial atenção sobre o papel do nutricionista na atualidade social.

V Jornadas CBIOS / V CBIOS Seminar

As V Jornadas CBIOS decorrem no dia 10 de novembro de 2023 no Auditório Professor José Araújo da Universidade Lusófona – Centro Universitário de Lisboa.

CBIOS Welcome Sessions

CBIOS welcomes all new members with a specially organized meeting with CBIOS direction and Integrated Members, aiming to present in a positive feedback CBIOS research to the new members and also their expertise and research areas.

CBIOS Science sessions

The sessions will take place remotely, in a blended live/remote format, when possible.