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At CBIOS, our commitment to developing integrated health strategies spans the entire spectrum of solutions, from molecules to societal interventions, with a focus on cancer, skin health, and metabolic diseases.

At the molecular level, our researchers explore natural products to uncover novel therapeutic molecules and bioactive compounds. By understanding the chemistry and functions of these molecules, we aim to explore their potential for developing sustainable health products.

Our focus extends to the cellular level, where we seek to comprehend how molecular interactions shape cellular functions and to understand the molecular mechanisms that govern health, disease, and therapeutics.

Translating our understanding from molecules and cells to humans is a crucial step in our integrated approach. For this, we seek innovative formulations and nanotechnological advancements to enhance the delivery and efficacy of health interventions.

Advanced imaging of the human body and functional biometrics play a pivotal role in this translation, enabling personalized health strategies. We also explore how dietary and lifestyle choices impact human health, and perform campaigns for health literacy, contributing to empower individuals to make informed decisions for their well-being.

The seamless integration of research areas at CBIOS under a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach allows us to explore the complexities of health sciences and make meaningful contributions to society from the molecular intricacies of biological systems. We envision a future where the benefits of knowledge creation and dissemination will transcend asymmetries and inequalities to foster a truly global well-being.