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Functional Immersion & Biometrics Lab


Luis Monteiro Rodrigues and Sérgio Andrade

The Functional Imaging Lab (FILab) is set to investigate in vivo human body functions an composition as near as possible from the normal physiological state. To that purpose it uses the concept of “skin as a window to human health and disease” that fostered a diversity of new instruments expanding non-invasive diagnostics while transforming imaging in much more than a simple morphology assessment tool.
The FILab supports a variety of ongoing projects at CBIOS, from basic research to clinical studies and applications, including the safety and efficacy of bioactive formulations, medical devices and food supplements.


The FILab gathers an extraordinary combination of instruments and devices particularly dedicated to assess various human functions, from the skin proper (cutaneous bioengineering) to electrical brain waves (last generation EEG EMOTIV system) to advanced hemodynamics (TaskForce CNSystems) or microcirculation imaging (optoacoustic tomography by MSOT iThera), to body composition (DEXA from GE).

EEG (EMOTIV Systems)


Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (General Electric) for body composition analysis

dual_energy.png          dual_energy_2.png


Laser Doppler flowmetry (MOOR)


Laser Doppler flowmetry (PERIMED)


Instruments / Multiple Sensors for the measurement of perfusion-related variables

TiVi 700 Polarized Light system to measure superficial skin perfusion

TiVi_700_Polarized_Light_system_to_measure_superficial_skin_perfusion_1.png     TiVi_700_Polarized_Light_system_to_measure_superficial_skin_perfusion_2.png

 MSOT Acuity, iThera Medical, For in-depth skin perfusion measurement and imaging


 Taskforce CNSystems (SpaceMedical PT) for advanced hemodynamics and cardiac assessment


Tewameter TM300                                    Derma unit SCC3

tewameter.png   Derma.png


Cutiscan 5000


To assess transepidermal water loss, epidermal water, sebum and pH   To assess skin biomechanics

Chromameter CR3000


High Frequency Sonography, Dermascan, Cortex


Translational Capacities and Services

Advanced training in Advanced Cosmetology (com hyperlink)

Advanced training in Medicina Estética (com hyperlink)

Advanced training in exploratory methodologies to test cardiovascular adaptive mechanisms

Advanced training in exploratory methods to assess cutaneous functions

Non-invasive strategies to assess  safety and efficacy of topical and transdermal actives

  • Franz cells (in vitro)
  • Tape-stripping model (in vivo human model)
  • Cyanoacrylate Skin Surface biopsy (in vivo human model)
  • SLS repair model (in vivo human model)
  • Methyl nicotinate microinflammation model (in vivo human model)
  • Assessment of anti-inflammatory/ antioxidant activites