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universidade lusófona

Governance Model

Directory Board

L. Monteiro Rodrigues
Executive Chairman

Luis Monteiro Rodrigues holds a MSc and a PhD in cardiovascular physiology. He is the head of the research unit CBIOS (Universidade Lusófona, Lisboa).

The most recent research reveals the interest on the modelling (human as animal) of the neuroregulatory cross-talk evoked by a) functional testing interventions (e.g. active hyperemia),  b) movement and posture biomechanics (gait, exercise) and c) baseline perfusion assymetries.  Also relevant, the study of the interactions of diferent lasers with tissues and perfusion data analysis.

He has also a broad and extensive experience in advanced training in these domains.

Founder and current Chairman of the Portuguese Physiological Society.

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Ana Sofia Fernandes
Board Director for Education & Society

Ana S. Fernandes has a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2004), a PhD in Toxicology (2010), and was recognised with the European Registered Toxicologist title (2018).

She is an Associate Professor at Universidade Lusófona and Lab Coordinator of the area Models & Molecular Mechanisms of CBIOS.

Her main research interest is to explore the impact of ROS and redox modulators on cancer etiology, progression, and therapeutics.

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Patrícia Rijo
Board Director for Research & Innovation

Patrícia Rijo has a degree in Chemistry from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, and a Master and Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic Chemistry from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon. She is currently an Associate Professor and International coordinator at the School of Health Sciences and Technologies at Universidade Lusófona.

She is the Lab Coordinator of the area Natural Bioactives & Circular Economy. of CBIOS. 

The main area of research is medicinal chemistry, phytochemistry, and pharmacognosy, with an emphasis on the Chemistry of Natural Products.

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