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universidade lusófona




Welcome to the forefront research at CBIOS, where our commitment to integrated health strategies spans the entire spectrum from molecules to society. CBIOS stands apart with a unique vision, derived from its affiliation with the Lusófona Group. As part of this dynamic institution of education, culture, and knowledge present in Portuguese-speaking countries, CBIOS integrates this rich cultural diversity into its research.

At the molecular level, our researchers explore novel therapeutic molecules and bioactive compounds derived from nature and food. By understanding the chemistry and functions of these compounds, we aim to harness their potential for developing sustainable health solutions. Moving beyond molecules, our focus extends to the cellular level, emphasizing the interplay between molecules within cellular environments, seeking to comprehend how molecular interactions shape cellular functions and to decipher the molecular mechanisms that govern health, disease, and therapeutics. Translating our understanding from molecules and cells to humans is a crucial step in our integrated approach. Innovative formulations and nanotechnological advancements enhance the delivery and efficacy of health interventions, ensuring tangible benefits for individuals. Advanced imaging techniques also play a pivotal role in this translation, enabling personalized health strategies. We also explore the impact of dietary and lifestyle choices on human health, contributing to empower individuals to make informed decisions for their well-being. Ultimately, our research has a societal impact. By advancing our understanding from the molecular to the human level, we contribute to the broader well-being of communities. The culmination of our efforts is reflected in our commitment to a healthier, more sustainable future for society at large.
The seamless integration of research areas at CBIOS, coupled with a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach, allows us to navigate the complexities of health sciences and make meaningful contributions that resonate from the molecular intricacies to the broader societal landscape. Together, we envision a future where the benefits of knowledge creation reach every corner of society, transcending asymmetries and fostering global well-being.