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Study reveals concerns and preferences of Portuguese consumers regarding the safety of materials for cooking food

Food contact materials (CAM) are those intended to come into contact with food during its production, handling and storage. These materials contain chemical substances that can migrate into food, posing potential health risks. Use practices influence the level of migration of these substances.

A recent study carried out by CBIOS – Universidade Lusófona evaluated the preferences, safety perceptions and usage habits of Portuguese consumers in relation to MCAs used for cooking and storing food. A survey was carried out involving 1179 Portuguese adults, with the aim of better understanding these aspects.

The results were analyzed according to the age group of consumers. Safety was the most important factor considered when choosing kitchen materials, although the selection criteria varied according to age.

The majority of respondents recognized the risk of food contamination by ACM. Stainless steel and glass were considered the safest materials for cooking. For food storage, the most used materials are glass and plastic. It was observed that older individuals perform more maintenance on kitchen utensils and have greater knowledge on how to wash and store them. appropriately.

Other important aspects highlighted by the study are the lack of knowledge about the symbols used in MCAs, as well as the need felt by most consumers to obtain more credible information on this topic. These results are important for raising awareness about the safety of food contact materials and can help consumers make informed decisions in their choice and maintenance, contributing to reducing exposure to potentially harmful chemical substances from food contact materials.


Note to Editors: This statement is based on a scientific study recently published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology:
Moura, J., Ferreira-Pêgo, C., & Fernandes, A. S. (2023). Consumers' practices and safety perceptions regarding the use of materials for food preparation and storage: Analyses by age group. Food and chemical toxicology, 113901. Advance online publication.