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Science & Society

Ciência Viva no Laboratório 2023 – Scientific Occupation for Young People on Vacation


  • Discovering medicine from thread to wick!

Catarina Leite

  • What do you see in the Mirror: Reality or Fiction?

Cíntia Pêgo

  • Protect the planet in the kitchen

Paula Pereira

  • A journey into the plant kingdom to prevent Diabetes

Regina Menezes, Andreia Rosatella, Patrícia Rijo, Ana Fernandes, João Costa

  • Using industrial food waste: do you want to come and help save the planet?

Maria Lídia Palma, Marisa Nicolai

  • Decontamination of chemical warfare weapons

Andreia Rosatella

Colaborators: Nuno Saraiva, Catarina Rosado,  Emília Alves, Leandro Oliveira, Rafaela Santos