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International Training Fellowships’ Regulation


Article 1

Purpose and Scope

  • This regulation details the selection and regimen applicable to the international training fellowship to be develop at CBIOS, the Center for Research in Biosciences and Health Technologies sponsored by ALIES and Universidade Lusofona, hereinafter designated as ALIES-ULHT-CBIOS.
  • These training fellowships are part of ALIES-ULHT-CBIOS advanced training strategy, targeting experienced graduate / master degree holders, and includes both didactic and experimental training in one or more of the CBIOS research groups.
  • The recommended training period is six (6) months in a full-time regimen; training periods shorter than three (3) months will not be considered.
  • Opportunitiesare mainly announced through the CBIOS website or through other communication means and social networks

Article 2


  • Applicants should comply with the following:
  • Hold an university degree in health sciences (Masters or equivalent as minimum).
  • National or foreign citizens with proper visa from SEF (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras).
  • For the application process, the following documents are needed:
  • Identification document (passport) copy;
  • Certificates of all the academic degrees, with the final score
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Motivation letter.
  • After pre-selection, the candidate will be asked to:
  • Provide a conceptual note (400 words) specifying objectives, research activity and the expected interaction with the CBIOS program.
  • Make a deposit for administrative processing (hundred and fifty euros for 2018/2019)


Article 3


  • ALIES-ULHT-CBIOS will provide all conditions needed to develop the approved research project, including facilities, materials and equipment, scholar insurance and supervision, charging no additional fee for the authorized training period.

Article 4

Candidate / Student

  • The student behavior and performance must strictly comply with all functional, administrative, scientific, legal, and ethical aspects, adopted by the University. Any deviation will imply an immediate suspension of the fellowship and a request for an official enquiry.
  • The student is also solely responsible for providing his/her own travel arrangements, local accommodation and daily expenses.
  • Any changes to an approved training fellowship must be formally approved by the university’s Scientific Council.


Article 5


  • A final report, authored by the training student, written in English, will conclude the Fellowship training program .
  • A final track report highlighting all achievements, including science indicators if any, should be presented by the supervisor (s) to CBIOS board
  • All rights regarding the intellectual property of data and results of the related research, namely, publications, presentations /educational materials, patents and utility models, are owned by the host institution. Nevertheless that does not exclude the co-ownership, involving the student, in case of relevant participation, and depending on the supervisor’s judgement.

Lisboa, ULHT June.2018