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CBIOS Science sessions

The sessions will take place remotely, in a blended live/remote format, when possible.

Sessões CBIOS 2022 | 2023 – Online, 13h

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Martin Hof
Heyrovsky Institute of  Physical Chemistry, Prague
Protein hydration and dynamics seen by fluorescence: studies on haloalkane-dehalogenases 2 de Novembro 2022
Ana Marta Matos
Carbohydrate chemistry in the search for new molecular entities against metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases 18 de Novembro 2022
Bernardo Palma
CBIOS, U Lusófona
Development of human Cytochrome P450 competent genotoxicity tester bacterial systems for high throughput screening: Functional characterization of human Cytochrome P450 1A2 polymorphic variants 5 de Janeiro 2023
Miguel Remondes
FMV U Lusófona
Functional characterization of neural circuits responsible for goal- directed behaviors in the healthy and Autistic brain 13 de Janeiro 2023
Marina Badene
FMV, U Lusófona
iRhom2/ADAM17 pathways burning the fat 27 de Janeiro 2023
Sérgio Dias

Biobanco-iMM, FMUL

Biobanco-iMM CAML- Tools for translational medicine 10 de Fevereiro 2023
Ana Fernandes, CBIOS The LusoModLOX project: work progress and first year achievements 17 de Fevereiro 2023