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CBIOS was created in 2011 as a structure of COFAC/Universidade Lusófona, to promote research in health sciences. Being based within the School of Health Sciences and Technologies allows CBIOS to take full advantage of the unique freedom and opportunities that come with being a university-based institute.

CBIOS is part of the National Science and Technology Network, recognised by FCT-Foundation for Science and Technology. In the last R&D Units’ evaluation (2013-2017) our center was classified as GOOD.

CBIOS focus in top quality research and advanced learning makes it a natural home for new talent. It is an ‘open access’ institute, with a growing team of 21 integrated (full) members, 17 PhD students, 9 collaborators and a wide institutional and organizational collaborative network, who are pursuing research in line with our aims. CBIOS members regularly supervise research projects developed by undergrads, postgrads and postdocs under the scope of international collaborations, normally with funding from their home institutions.


CBIOS operates in 5 Research Domains:

Modeling Systems (MoSys), Development of Delivery Systems (DDS), Natural Bioactives (Bio.Natural), Pharmacology and Molecular Mechanisms (PMM) and Nutrition and Health Promotion (NHP), providing a suitable environment to foster innovation and to develop transversal research in fundamental, applied and translational research.