Team Leaders & Contracted Researchers


Luis Monteiro Rodrigues
General Director

Luis Monteiro Rodrigues holds a MSc and a PhD in cardiovascular physiology. He is the head of the research unit CBIOS (Universidade Lusófona, Lisboa P) where he leads the Modelling Systems team, dedicated to basic physiological modelling with a special focus on skin functions and mechanisms and microcirculatory research.

The most recent research reveals the interest on the modelling (human as animal) of the neuroregulatory cross-talk evoked by a) functional testing interventions (e.g. active hyperemia),  b) movement and posture biomechanics (gait, exercise) and c) baseline perfusion assymetries.  Also relevant, the study of the interactions of diferent lasers with tissues and perfusion data analysis.

This team has also a broad and extensive experience in advanced training in these domains.

Founder and current Chairman of the Portuguese Physiological Society.

Patrícia Rijo
Scientific Director for Communication and External Relations

Patrícia Rijo has a graduation in Chemistry (Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon), and Master and PhD degrees in Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic Chemistry (Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon).

She is an assistant professor at the Universidade Lusófona since 2001 (Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy). She has focused her research in Natural Products Chemistry (Plectranthus spp. phytochemistry and biological activity: cancer and antimicrobial activity).

She published more than seventy papers in international peer-reviewed journals and has over two hundred communications (oral and panel) presented at both national and international meetings and Conferences. In addition, she has two international registered patents.

Ana Sofia Fernandes
Scientific Director for Innovation

Ana Sofia Fernandes is graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2004), has a PhD in Pharmacy (specialty of Toxicology, 2010) and is an European Registered Toxicologist (2018).

She is an Associate Professor at Universidade Lusófona. She is also the Scientific Director for Innovation and the coordinator of the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Molecular Mechanisms of CBIOS Research Center. She has published, from 2007 on, over 60 scientific full papers indexed to Scopus/Pubmed.

She is author/co-author of around 150 scientific communications (oral and panel). Her main research interest is to explore the impact of ROS and redox modulators on cancer etiology, progression, and therapeutics.

Catarina Rosado

PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology (Cardiff University, UK)

Associate professor at ECTS of Universidade Lusófona. She has established her research in the DDS Group, but has collaborations with other Portuguese and foreign universities.

Her research interests focus mainly on the study of the impact of formulation on transdermal penetration and also in the development of non-invasive in vivo strategies to assess efficacy and safety of topical drugs and cosmetics.

Catarina Rosado has been involved in the supervision of several MSc and PhD students, and has hosted in her research lab postgraduate students from varied countries. She has regularly been invited to lecture in Masters and Postgraduate programs in other national and international universities.

João Gregório

Pharmaceutical Sciences degree Faculty of Pharmacy University of Lisbon (FFUL), and PhD in International Health with a specialization in Health Policies from the Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (IHMT) of NOVA University Lisbon.

He is a Assistant Researcher at CBIOS Lusófona’s Research Center for Biosciences & Health Technologies. His research work focus on the use of Information Technologies (IT) to provide and improve Health services.

His current research interests lie in areas such as Pharmacy services research and development, Health promotion and capacity building of human resources for health.

Cíntia Ferreira Pêgo

She graduated in Human Nutrition and Dietetics in Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain 2010, and has a master degree in Training and Sports Nutrition by the Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain 2012.

She obtained his PhD with International Mention in Nutrition and Metabolism from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain, and University of Arkansas, USA 2016.

Her main epidemiological research interests are: Mediterranean Diet and mainly the effect of nuts supplementation, the consumption of dairy products, hydration and/ or the consumption of different types of beverages and its relation with health and disease.

Regina Menezes

PhD in Biological Sciences (Genetics) from UFRJ (Brazil) and HHUD (Germany) under cotutelle agreement.

Lecturer at ECTS and Investigator at CBIOS Research Unit of ULTH.

Her research interests are focused on the diabetes field, particularly:
(1) the role of IAPP (amylin) processing and aggregation towards diabetes onset and progression;
(2) the protective activity of small molecules mitigating these processes.

She has published over 45 peer-reviewed scientific papers indexed to Scopus/Pubmed. Her research has attracted competitive FCT grants and the Nuno Castelo Branco Prize from SPD. Her career achievements include the participation in > 15 research projects, several oral communications in scientific meetings, over 60 poster presentations and meeting organizations.

She has been invited as Reviewer and Guest Editor by prestigious journals and as Evaluator Expert by International Scientific Agencies. Her main academic activities include under- and post-graduate teaching and the supervision of > 11 Post-Docs, PhDs and MScs students.

Sergio Faloni de Andrade

Graduated in Pharmacy by the University of Alfenas, Brazil (1998), master in Pharmacology São Paulo State University, Brazil (2001), and PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil (2005).

In 2017-2018 he undertook postdoc at Lund University-Sweden, where he developed project about probiotics associated with natural products and its beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract and is currently Researcher in CBIOS – Lusofona University, Lisbon, Portugal.

He has experience in the area of teaching and research, focusing on Pharmacological Evaluation of Natural products and Probiotic Products, with interest in the following areas: gastritis, antiulcer activity, gastroprotection, gastric healing, inflammatory bowel diseases and effects on the renal and cardiovascular systems.

During his career was advisor of 4 PhD thesis, 18 master thesis, 38 bachelor degrees and supervised 3 postdoc researchers, and published more than 110 articles in international periodicals peer-reviewed.

Jaime Coelho

BSc and MSc degrees in Chemistry from Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon.
PhD in Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Therapeutics) from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon (2014).

Postdoc at University of California, Berkeley.

He is an Assistant Researcher at CBIOS/Lusofona University.

His research interests include medicinal chemistry and computer-aided drug design.


Other Integrated Members

Maria do Céu Costa


Tânia Santos de Almeida


Catarina Pereira Leite



PhD Collaborators

  • Alda Pereira da Silva Oliveira
  • Ângela Filipa Bártolo Dâmaso Peksa
  • Beatriz Edra
  • Bruno Lisandro França de Sousa
  • Elisabete Muchagato Maurício
  • Joana F. Portugal Faria da Mota
  • João António Martins Cannas da Silva
  • Maria João Cebola
  • Maria Lidia L. M. G. Palma
  • Nelson Tavares
  • Rejane Giacomelli Tavares
  • Rui Pedro Brás Martins Faísca
  • Rui Afonso D’Orey Branco

PhD Students

  • Ana Lucía Morais
  • Ana Júlio
  • Ana Luísa P. Resendes
  • Ana Patrícia Filipe
  • Ana Sofia Ramos
  • Clemente Rocha
  • Emília Alves
  • Epole Ntungwe
  • Eva Domínguez Martin
  • Íris Guerreiro
  • Lígia Reis
  • Márcia Filipe
  • Margarida Florindo
  • Paulo Luz
  • Rita Caparica
  • Sandra Ferreira
  • Sérgio Nuno
  • Teresa Macosso
  • Vera Isca