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Vision and Mission



Sharing knowledge and supporting development in Lusophone societies



To develop integrated health strategies to foster societal  development in Lusophone communities.


To promote  health and wellbeing in Lusophone societies through evidence-based research, development of health products and solutions, and through the empowerment of researchers, academics, and health professionals.



Strategy and values:


Creation of knowledge is the main driver of development all over the globe. Dramatic changes in quality of life, life expectancy and well-being are direct results of that progress universally recognized. However, many asymmetries still persist, delaying the incorporation of these benefits in many societies. Concerning the progression of knowledge related to human health and societal progress, CBIOS has a unique vision resulting from being part of the Lusófona Group, a dynamic institution of education, culture and knowledge present in most of the Portuguese language speaking countries.

The mission of CBIOS integrates different strategies to achieve these objectives (i) by hosting a significant number of international students and providing a special support to those from these countries in advanced programs at all levels (graduation, Master, PhD, and post-doc), (ii) by sharing research on goods from Lusophone countries (mainly Portugal and South America) with potential interest for the development of health products; (iii) or investigating local health conditionants in order to implement new approaches and strategies (Portugal, Africa, South America), (iv) by intertwining R&D with all levels of higher education, since the majority of CBIOS members teach in the University while conducting research in their areas of expertise, (v) by sharing its findings with society and transferring knowledge into the industry and (vi) by promoting international high level education mobility of its students and collaborators (global).

This “one of a kind” character is well illustrated by this CBIOS partnership with the non-profit organization ALIES, from which the Biomedical and Biopharmaceutical Research journal is produced. This unique open-access international journal published in Portuguese and English languages, is recognized by the CPLP – the Communities of Portuguese Language Speaking Countries, as an important element to “promote and divulge the Portuguese language science culture” and is regarded as a powerful showroom of CBIOS capacities and consolidation.

CBIOS is fostered in a strong collaborative multidisciplinary culture founded on strong ethical humanistic principles, and our intellection blueprint is framed in sharing knowledge and, through it, contributing to accelerate positive development in Lusophone societies.