Knowledge Transfer Center

KTC is a technology transfer centre established in 2016 providing several services related with research and development, quality control, training and consultancy, applied to various fields and products in the area of human health including cosmetics, medicines, dietary supplements and medical devices. We are located at Campo Grande, Lisbon, and we work in close association with the School of Health Sciences and Technology of Lusófona University, as well as with the CBIOS research centre (Research Centre for Biosciences and Health Technologies).


Our highly motivated team, works with impartiality, ethics and dedication to provide quality services and scientific excellence, to implement innovative and efficient solutions tailored to your needs.

 Cosmetics and Toiletries

Cosmetic products play an essential role in our daily life. Consumers use a host of products that are part of the daily hygiene, but cosmetics can also help enhance well-being and improve personal self-esteem.

Presently cosmetics are amongst the most regulated products for human use and the EU has regulation that demands high standards in both efficacy and safety.  The industry is continuously innovating and improving products and CBIOS can provide the relevant procedures necessary to substantiate each specific claim in-keeping with the most current regulations, so that consumers can have access to safe effective cosmetics that they can trust.


 Health, Nutrition and Food Supplements

Health, Nutrition and Food Supplements are closely related. We offer different techniques and services that aim to contribute to the development of Health indicators, Nutrition markers and well designed Food Supplements to supply identified needs through a set of nutrition and food safety services- Take our scientific advice and go ahead for innovative and safe food!

Our methodology is based on the homeostasis model to distinguish between foods and medicinal products offering expertise on quality, safety and marketing rules for all type of foods including nutrition fact sheets, energy-restricted diets and plant-based food supplements.



Research and development of novel medicines is a complex and challenging process that requires rigorous scientific methods and highly specialized expertise.

CBIOS can provide academia and industry a set of useful tools in the R&D process of new medicines, ranging from the development of new active substances and formulations, to pre-clinical evaluation of its effectiveness and safety, quality control and analytical support.


Medical Devices

Medical devices are important health instruments that follows a stricter regulation. Furthermore, investors expect results fast, and proof of efficacy/safety/product quality even faster. This is why you need a partner with CBIOS’s fully integrated global resources and medical device experience to guide you.

Our consultants have considerable experience in developing regulatory strategies, in the pre-submission processes to the notified bodies and to the competent authorities as well as in post-market surveillance processes, where our main goal is to maintain the competitive advantage of a challenging business and according to the regulatory environment.


 Techniques and Methodologies

We have expertise in wide-ranging techniques and methodologies, such as pharmaceutical technology, pharmacology, microbiology, physico-chemical characterization or toxicology.

This combination of knowledge ensures the provision of highly specialized services of high quality.



ALIES Associação Lusófona para o Desenvolvimento da Investigação e Ensino em Ciências da Saúde

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