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Training Fellowship in Skin Physiology and Safety and Efficacy of Topical Products (including cosmetics)

Universidade Lusófona, Lisboa Portugal (EU)
CBIOS (Lusófona’s Research Center for Biosciences and Health Technologies)

A training research position is immediately available in the Integrative Physiology lab at CBIOS of Universidade Lusófona.

CBIOS is a research unit that currently has 30 faculty members, 14 PhD students, a wide range of external collaborators, and more than 30 projects running, (more at www.cbios.ulusofona.pt) producing interdisciplinary and translational research in 3 main domains::

  • Pharmacology and Therapeutics (where our lab is inserted)
  • Food Science and Phytochemistry
  • Development of Delivery Systems

Trainees in this CBIOS fellowship, will have access to a variety of human physiological techniques including pletismography, accelerometry, laser Doppler flowmetry, and transcutaneous gazometry.

Several dynamical methodologies have been developed and compared in our laboratory (limb elevation; supra-systolic occlusion; oxygen saturated athmosphere) by application in both animal and human models. And several related analytical tools are being currently explored.

The group’s research interests are centered in Peripheral Vascular Disease and peripheral circulatory regulation (e.g. local and general reflexes ) Complementary, this lab also offers additional training in many other non invasive instruments and methods to assess human skin.

All candidates will be considered, although special attention will be given to individuals who have 1) a solid academic background including, if possible, special interest in Human Cardiovascular Physiology, 2) good communication skills (written/spoken English), 3) interest and, if possible, previous research experience working with human volunteers and/or patients in a Physiology research environment, and 4) a keen desire to learn.

Candidates eligible for CBIOS fellowship will benefit for a “zero” fees policy enjoying all the means offered to the university student’s. After the 1st semester evaluation, will eventually be able to apply to one of the scholarships available for PhD programs.

Please send in a single PDF file, a presentation letter stating you research interests, a cv resumé, highlighting qualifications, and three references able to confirm your capacities, to:

Luis Monteiro Rodrigues PhD., Director