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Phytochemistry and Food Sciences (PFS)

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The Phytochemistry and Food Sciences and (PFS) group mission lies in promoting knowledge regarding the impact of nutrients in human health. Our research is focus on new ‘drug lead’ discovery from natural products as well as through rational drug design and semi-synthesis for the treatment of cancer, diabetes and infectious diseases.

In addition, our studies focus on functional and medicinal plants, their nutritional profile as chemical compounds and the biological activity search of phytochemicals to identify natural products as bioactive agents. The proven benefits of nutrients at all stages of life and naturally sourced ingredients are demanding new approaches for research on food and food supplements for human nutrition. FSP strives to contribute to a better life through improving nutrition, health and wellbeing.


Research Domains

  • Isolation and evaluation of biological activity of extracts, compounds and derivatives of medicinal plants
  • Impact of nutrients in Human Health
  • Development of new formulations and concepts for food, beverages and dietary supplements